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My goal is to create photographs that allow you to look back on the emotions, relationships, and love that were uniquely known and felt by you. And to preserve those bonds and those feelings. That is why I believe in baby-led posing and natural interactions that capture your family at this stage.

Photographing your family should be stress-free. That's why I offer wardrobe and hair and make up services to allow you to enjoy this experience with your family. 

Located in West Homewood, our studio offers a  client wardrobe for those booking a full session. Browse and borrow outfits for the entire family and add on to your booking services by our in house hair and make up artist. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best age
for portraits? 

This is one of the most asked questions we receive. From sleepy newborn photos to the first signs of their personality to sitting up to walking to kindergarten to the in-between years of change to young adults, every stage deserves to be preserved and celebrated. We believe any age is a good time to capture your family, and we believe these photos aren't just limited to kids. Parents, your kids deserve to have photos with you in them! Those are the images they will treasure as you grow older. Images showing your fierce, deep love for them. 

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What if my family isn't excited about taking photos? 

Family photos shouldn't be a threat or a miserable experience for you and your family. While there is stress anytime you are trying to get your family dressed and out the door all in one-piece, we want your photography experience to be something you and your kids are excited about! You will play games, whisper secrets, and tell each other how much you love each other. While some candy bribery might be involved, we try to never torture, threaten or do anything else to harm kiddos. Most families walk away from our sessions saying, "Wow that was actually fun!" We try our best to help you have that kind of photography experience so your kids will always be excited, not scared, for photos! 

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How do you
pose newborns? 

When you take a sleeping baby and lay him or her down on a bed, they all do something different. Some curl up, some stretch out their legs (or just one leg), others will put their tiny hand up in front of their face, or give a little fist bump pose. Whatever they do, it's inevitable that at some point in the session their mom will laugh and say something like "we have an ultrasound photo with him in the exact same pose!" They recognize a gesture in their baby that is unique and special to their baby, no one else. We want each portrait we take to be as unique as the infants we photograph, and so we don't pose babies. We soothe them. we put them in a swaddle if they seem to need it. But we let them lead the show. We want to see who they are. And we want to capture that for all time.

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